Senior Model Call

Want EPIC Senior Photos?

2020 High School Senior Model Call

Will you be a Class of 2020 graduating high school senior from Springville Griffith Institute, Gowanda, West Valley, Ellicotville, Hamburg, Frontier, Orchard Park, Pioneer, Iroquois or any other Western New York High School?

Do you want to be involved in a team building experience & have a lot of fun?

Do you want to always remember who you really were during this once in a lifetime milestone?


If you’ve said YES to any of the above questions,



You may not realize it now, but your senior year is a major milestone.  Next year, you’ll be an adult; in the real world.  Once you leave high school, you may never play EVL football or Hamburg Volleyball again.  You may never play your clarinet in West Valley band.  You will never have the star role in a Springville GI High School Musical again.  Many adults wish they could go back and relive some of those incredible times shared with friends during their high school years.  Don’t believe me?  Ask any adult.  High School senior photos are a way to relive all of those incredible experiences…  I still look back at my senior photos and remember the fun I had with friends & in the music department.  They are honestly some of the best memories of my life & I’m thankful my parents invested in senior portraits so many years ago.


Okay… enough reminiscing… on to the model team!


Western NY Senior Photographer Class of 2018 Model Team


What is a model team?

Simply stated, Emily Karr Photography’s Western New York Senior Model Team features high school juniors (graduating class of 2020) who want to have a good time & get EPIC senior photos. Models complete an application & interview process and are chosen from several Buffalo South Towns area schools.  We’ve had models from Pioneer High School, Springville Griffith Institute High School, Hamburg High School, Orchard Park High School, Iroquois High School, Gowanda High School, Ellicottville High School, West Valley High School & others.  All of these models had one thing in common… EPIC senior photos captured by an award winning Master Photographer.

What is so great about being a part of a model team?

First of all, our western New York senior model team gets an incredible senior portrait experience including FREE concept & stylized shoots plus Prom pics & BFF photo sessions.  These exclusive sessions are in addition to your traditional indoor & outdoor senior photos and are only available to the senior model team.  We will capture group images as well as individual images at each of these events.  If you’re interested in beautiful senior photos and having some fun, the senior model experience is the thing for you!

Second, you’ll get to meet peers from all different area schools.  Many of our models stay in touch over the years & have become friends.

Finally, you’ll get to be involved in something bigger, better and more incredible than standard buffalo senior portraits  Let’s face it… everyone wants to have gorgeous senior portraits featuring themselves & all of their really cool activities that they participate in. FUN is also an important aspect in everything you do, too.  The Emily Karr Photography Senior Portrait Model Experience offers the best of both worlds… epic images & loads of fun!  Did you know that our seniors get TONS of likes on Instagram with the epic images we create?


You know what else is great about being part of the model team??  You get your own app!  Share your epic images with anyone who wants to see them!

 What is necessary to be a model?

There are only TWO traits necessary to be a model:  an outgoing personality/good attitude & the ability to be a team player.  It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, short or tall, or what your body type is.  It doesn’t matter what your hair style is, what your hair color is or if you have any hair at all.  Every person is beautiful!  We light and pose in flattering ways to ensure everyone looks and feels their best.  We guarantee images you will love & a fun, safe, place to be yourself.


What steps are necessary to be considered for the 2020 Senior Model Team?

First, just complete this form.  We will accept applications until the team is complete.  Once the team is complete, there will be an updated message at the top of this page.

Second, watch your email.  We typically contact applicants via email when the application process closes.

Third, we will be holding informational meetings & interviews in March & April 2019.

Finally, good luck!  Thank you for your interest. We can’t wait to meet you!

2018 High School Senior Model Team Buffalo Senior Photos