Newborn Photo Gallery

Buffalo Newborn Photography – Always Remember the Beginning with a Newborn Photo Session

A Newborn Photo Session is a wonderful way to remember who your baby was when he or she was fresh & new.  Your new baby will change in the blink of an eye & soon they won’t fit in your arms the way they did when you first brought them home.  

At Emily Karr Photography, we want you to 

-Always remember the beginning…


Enjoy the following newborn baby photos that were recently captured in our Springville Studio… Click each thumbnail to view full screen

We want you to remember the instinctive way their fingers curled around yours.  That newborn reflex won’t last for long.  Remember the tiny feet that fit in the palm of your hand.  Before you know it their feet will be bigger than yours.  Remember the little tufts of newborn hair on their shoulders because it’ll rub off before you know it.  We want you to look back at the fine art pieces we create & remember that fresh newborn smell like it was yesterday.  Most importantly, we want you to remember the love you felt when you became a parent for the first time & you held that precious new baby in your arms. Remember the joy you felt when your family grew & you watched your eldest child welcome your newest child into the family.

The best age to capture the curly newborn photos you’ll see throughout this site, is within the first 7 days.  We capture all newborn photos in the comfort of our cozy Springville, NY studio.  The studio is located about 30 minutes south of Buffalo, NY & is a conveniently located just off the 219.   Our schedule typically fills up months in advance.  As such, we encourage you to book your Newborn photo session during your second trimester.  If you’re interested in learning more about our Buffalo Newborn Photo Sessions, please click HERE.

For my photographer friends, most furs & knit outfits are from Custom Photo Props.  Many of the backdrops you see come from Intuition Backgrounds.